Saturday, 23 March 2013


In our opinion, war is cruel because many people die and there are many losses. Alot of people suffer in many ways. Be it through family loss, property. It is a very hard time as things are limited such as food and the people cannot live freely. People cannot wonder off without having a sense of worry or fear that they might be captured or sent for questioning. But war may have some benefits. Its a way to train ourselves, resilience. War can make us stronger and teach us to not take things for granted and to value what we have. It also benefits the future as people would know the suffering and would try to avoid it. 

Video Time !

This is a short film that depicts the life of a Force 136 agent. A British Secret Service in Asia during Japanese Occupation.  
The plot is about a provision store owner by day, a secret agent by night.

Contributions & Sacrifices

Tan Chong Tee mother and elder brother were killed during the war. He was captured by the Japanese on 26 March. The Japanese slapped, whipped, punched and kicked for 2 hours. —Japanese wanted information about Force 136 but he refused to tell. However, the Japanese did not kill him as he was an important prisoner. 

Role During War

Tan Chong Tee was a spy working for Force 136. Their objectives were to collect information about the Japanese army so as to find motives or methods to bring down the army. Of course the Japanese could not know that he was a spy if not he would be killed straight away. So each of these spies had a day job to hide their real identity from the Japanese. Like going "under cover". So Tan Chong Tee worked as a business man. He also participated in anti-Japanese activities. Such as boy-cotting Japanese goods and did fund-raising to support war efforts in China.

Background Of Tan Chong Tee

Tan Chong Tee was born on 15 October, 1916. He was born in a Chinese family. They lived at Shrewsbury Road in Singapore. His father worked at a carriage shop and his mother owned a floral nursery. An interesting fact about Tan Chong Tee is, he was actually a badminton player in the late 1930s. 

Trip To Fort Factory

On 7 March 2013, we went on a learning journey to the Fort Factory Singapore which was the place the British surrendered to Singapore during the World War II but now has been converted into a museum. The first thing we did was to watch a short movie about The Japanese Occupation and how it affected Singaporeans. After that, we wondered around to find information to answer questions on our worksheet that was given to us. We were also able to take some pictures. Let us share with you some of them.